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A sculptor with over 20 years experience working with wood, stone and metal specialising in community and school projects.

Sculptor - Brian Denman

I am a self employed sculptor with over 25 years experience of producing art work, working mostly in stone and wood but also familiar with many other materials. I particularly enjoy working in situ as this gives the public an insight of the work involved in transforming an idea in to finished work of art. I have been making sculpture since leaving college in 1987, working mostly on commissions but also on my own work I have worked in a verity of mediums from the plasticity of lime putty and clay to the rigidity of steel and stone. I prefer the process of working within a commission as the guidelines and restrictions imposed by the commission is often the inspiration in my work. I have had experience in working with local communities and with primary schools And I have recently finished working with Adamsdown community forum on a Arts project with the community. Which involved Children and Adults carving a Oak panel as part of a wooden panelled fence.

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