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Welsh Sculpture and Welsh Sculpting have been my passion since leaving college.


Being a Welsh Sculptor, my interests lie in Wales and the Welsh culture. Welsh Sculpture and sculpting have been close to my heart having been born and raised in Brechfa and lived my life in South Wales. Having trained in Carmarthen, there are now numerous examples of my work on public display in West Wales.

A lot of work depicts historical figures and events. An example of work is Jac Ty Isaf, A welsh drover who was transported to Tasmania for being involved in the

Rebecca Riots an uprising by farmers and workers over unfair taxation and tolls between 1839 and 1843. Carved in a solid Oak tree trunk this work is located in Parc Ty Isaf, Tumble, Carmarthenshire, this work was commissioned by Carmrthenshire County Council and placed in the park bearing the name of the original farm.

JacTyIsaf Bronze