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If you are a school interested in a project about Sculpture then please contact me to discuss opportunities and examples of the type of projects available.


Why not enhance your curriculum by offering school sculpting lessons and produce a lasting work of art for your school. Your pupils can produce artwork under the supervision of an experienced sculptor. There are lots of options available in terms of wood carving, stone, clay and other mediums.

Pupils are actively involved in the entire school sculpting project from choosing the initial designs, to the crafting of the sculpture or carving. The project can be a part of the school curriculum for arts and other subjects. History, natural history, science, sport or any other subject lends themselves to a sculpting project.

Projects can be small single day courses to lengthy major projects producing lasting artwork for the school. Full risk assessments are completed prior to any project to ensure safety of participants at all times and safety equipment can be provided. Class sizes can vary depending on the medium and level of supervision required.

Example projects undertaken are shown above. This can be an exciting opportunity for any school for pupils of all ages as the course content and project options are limitless and individually tailored to pupil age and ability. A sculpting project can enhance the school’s name and reputation and for longer projects, a final quality piece of sculpture will be produced for the lasting benefit of the school.

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