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If you are a community interested in a project about Sculpture then please contact me to discuss opportunities and examples of the type of projects available.


Why not consider a community sculpting project for your local area or community which will produce a lasting work of art and engage a wide range of people in producing a community sculpture.

There are numerous mediums available from clay, stone, bronze, wood and other materials. Participants can be taught to carve wood or stone which can be ideal for indoor or outdoor display or a project may be clay based for future casting.

Projects can be tailored for all ages and abilities and the options are limitless in terms of the subject matter for the sculpture. A community project is excellent for bringing people together and generating a community spirit. Watching and participating in a work of art as it grows from an idea to a finished community sculpture is much more rewarding than just placing a finished work in the midst of a community.

By using an experienced sculptor used to working in the community, a final quality piece is produced where the local participants feel they have ownership and pride in the art produced.

Example projects undertaken are shown above. For instance the project commissioned at Anderson Fields with the Adamsdown Community Forum in Cardiff resulted in participation by children as young as 6 up to adults aged 60 and over generating excellent community relationships. The community produced individual wood carvings based on local wildlife and community history. Carvings were mounted on long fences, there were totem carvings and slab carvings that have stood the test of time in an open community park and continue to be enjoyed by visitors to the fields. This project produced over a period of 3 months involved 50-60 people generating carvings and lots more interest from other members of the community that may not have been involved in the actual carving of the art works.

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